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P5 Mrs McCartney

Excellent group work in P5

Excellent group work in P5 1

Beautiful Portraits P5

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Kidwind work with P5 to build wind turbines

Picture 1
Picture 1

Year Five Visit

Crockandun Wind Farm


On Wednesday the 26th September Year Five visited Crockandun Wind Farm just outside Draperstown. The pupils got the opportunity to see the inside of a real wind turbine.The staff explained that one turbine can generate enough energy to supply 250 houses with electricity.The pupils were amazed that wind, a renewable source, is now the second most popular way to generate electricity in Europe.It takes five months to construct one wind turbine and each turbine is 93metres high, a similar height to the statue of Liberty in New York and the Eiffel tower in France.The pupils understand that wind turbines are needed as non-renewable sources of energy such as coal and oil cause pollution to the environment and are in great danger of running out. The pupils participated in their very own Watt challenge and Brookfield, the company who look after the wind farm site presented the pupils with beautiful gift bags. A great day was had by all!

Year Five celebrate

European Day of Languages

Congratulations to P5 for their wonderful assembly this morning. In St Mary's we welcome and are delighted to have pupils in our school from all across Europe, that is Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia. Important information was shared and we had beautiful singing and dancing. Big thanks to Pol, Lucy,the readers, Mrs Graham and P5 members of the school choir.

Excellent Road Safety Posters P5

Excellent Road Safety Posters P5 1

Term One Curriculum Sheet