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St. Mary's P.S. Draperstown

“Learning, Caring and Sharing Together”

P.4/5 Mrs Higgins


Monday - Thursday : On-going spelling skills and tables


Monday:       Mental Arithmetic

                      Reading Activity

                      Written Activity Linked To Spelling


Tuesday:       Reading



                      Written/Learning Numeracy Activity

Wednesday: Reading



                      Written Literacy Activity

Thursday:     Reading

                      Written/Learning Numeracy Activity

                      Revision of Spellings and Tables for Friday Assessment


P.5 Homework

   Monday -Wednesday : Written Maths

                                          Spellings / Sentences

                                          Tables & ntk facts



Thursday                           Written Literacy

                                          Revision of Spelling tables for Friday Test


Congratulations to all the boys and girls in Primary four who received the sacrament of First Holy Communion on Saturday 16th May in the Holy Rosary Church. We celebrated this very special day with our families, teachers and Father Kelly.


Science Week 2015

 To celebrate Science week 2015 we have been working on investigations in our World Around Us lessons.We are learning about Castles and decided to investigate how ancient buildings such as castles have suffered from the effects of water/rain and how modern houses are protected by using a waterproof material in their foundations.We really enjoyed the investigations and made some very exciting discoveries as you can see from our pictures.

P4/5 Science Investigation On Waterproofing Buildings

Science 'Dress Up' Day

 As a finale to Science Week in our class we had a science dress up day where we all dressed up in science based costumes ranging from mad scientists to planets to robots!. Here we are in costume ........

P4/5 Scientists of the future!

 John was the 'scientist of the week ' in our class. He won a prize which was a kitchen science kit. John said:

 'I was really happy to win this competition, I think I would like to be a scientist in the future, using the most up to date technology!'

We have been making our class charter to help us work well and be the best we can be in Year Four/Five.

We began by thinking about our rights ,We made a list of all the things we are entitled to have in school .Then we began to think about how we need to be responsible for the good behavoiur and nice surroundings of our school .We made 'hand ' pictures to show that we will all work together to make our class a good place to be part of this year!.

Our Class Charter

Investigations In P4

 We are learning about minibeasts.We are investigating, observing ,classifying and recording all the information we have found.


We went on a 'bug hunt' in our school grounds and found lots of differnt kinds of minibeasts. We used magnifying glasses to observe them closely...

Here we are at work on our minibeast topic.

Potato Harvesting In Year Four

 On Tuesday it was time once again for P4 to harvest this year's crop of potaotes from the school garden. With the help of Nuala our caretaker we dug and gathered the potaotes which we had planted back in May. As usual we had a bumper crop!

  We collected a huge basket of potatoes.Everyone got to take some home .We have stored the rest and we will use them to make some lovely healthy potato and leek soup as part of our 'Healthy Habits' topic in Term Two .

What a great crop!

P4/5 Library Visit

 On Friday 7th November P4/5 had a visit to Draperstown Library. Elizabeth the Librarian gave us a very interesting talk about the layout of the Library and we browsed in the children's area.We are all members of the Library so we were able to choose some new books while we were there.

When we came back to class we used our iPad to make a lttle poster about our visit.

A 'Pic Collage' of our Library Visit

Healthy Habits -Whole School Theme.

In our whole school theme 'Healthy Habits' we learn all about keeping ourselves safe and healthy.We follow a programme called 'Heartstart' to help us learn how we can prevent accidents and deal with people who have had an accident.This is very important and we have been practising the rules of getting help in an emergency situation.

Learning About Recycling

 On February 4th P4/5 went to visit the Recycling Centre at Magherafelt District Council. We have been working on a theme called 'What A Waste' and have been finding out about ways we can reduce waste in our environment.


 We met Mr John Murtagh who is the Environmental Officer at M.D.C. He gave us a tour of the Centre and told us lots of interesting things about the processes in the Recycling Centre, such as can crushing, separation of aluminium and tin cans , storage of waste food which can be converted into compost for growing vegetables and of course all the many and varied things which can be recycled and re-used to save waste in our world,

P4/5 Curriculum : Parent Information Sheet

Curriculum Document for Parents Term 2

Curriculum Document For Parents : Term 3

Decomposition made easy!

 First Penance 2015

 A very important date in our class is Thursday 12th March.We will


 be receiving the Sacrament of First Penance. Our First Penance


Service will be held in the Holy Rosary Chapel at 6pm



   Our First Penance Service

Primary Four had a very special celebration in the Holy Rosary Chapel on Thursday 12th March. We received the Sacrament of Penance.

Along with our families and teachers we received the Sacrament from Father Kelly and Father Downey. We really enjoyed our special night.

We received certificates to celebrate First Penance.

 'E ' Safety Day 2015

We are finding out about 'e' safety as we prepare for 'e' safety day on 10th February 2015. We are learning some 'S M A R T' tips which will help keep us safe on line.


  • Secret, always keep your name, address, mobile phone number and password private, it's like giving out the keys to your home!
  • Meeting someone you have contacted in cyberspace can be dangerous.Never do this . Always inform an adult if someone asks you to meet them.
  • Accepting e-mails or opening files from peopleyou don't really know or trust can get you into trouble- they may contain viruses or nasty messages
  • Remember someone on line may be lying and not be who they say they are.Stick to the public areas in chat rooms and if you feel uncomfortable simply get out of there!
  • Tell your parent or carer if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried.

 SMART TIPS from 'Helping your parents be cool about the Internet', produced by: Northern Ireland Area Child Protection Committee.




'E' Safety Advice : Web Links