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St. Mary's P.S. Draperstown

“Learning, Caring and Sharing Together”

P.4/5 Mrs Higgins


Monday - Thursday : On-going spelling skills and tables


Monday:       Mental Arithmetic

                      Reading Activity

                      Written Activity Linked To Spelling


Tuesday:       Reading



                      Written/Learning Numeracy Activity

Wednesday: Reading



                      Written Literacy Activity

Thursday:     Reading

                      Written/Learning Numeracy Activity

                      Revision of Spellings and Tables for Friday Assessment


We made milk shakes as part of our Healthy Habits Topic in Term Two.  We were finding out about food for strong bones.  We used dairy products - milk and yogurt and some delicious strawberries, bananas and apples to make our shakes.  


We linked our learning with Literacy and wrote instructions for making milk shakes as part of our Healthy Habits Recipe Book.


           Links to Industry in Primary Four: 

       Our visit to 'Pop Notch' popcorn factory



  We went to see Cahir's dad at his popcorn factory. We learned lots about the manufacturing of this delicious snack!

  Everyone got to test the ingredients, fill the bags with lovely chewy caramel popcorn ,seal the bags and date them using the machines in the factory.

  Michaela Jane  says '' the trip was very interesting .I found out why popcorn is called popcorn because it pops!!''

  '' I was so excited to make my very own bag of popcorn '' said Iarlaith.

  Primary Four and The 'potato story'.

 On Monday 28th April along with Miss McGurk's P3/4 class we

 planted some potato seeds in our school garden. The variety we chose to plant was called Maris Peer. They have white skin ,they grow quite big and they are delicious to eat!   


  •   First we made two large potato beds so the plants could have a nice warm place to grow.
  • Then we measured 20cm. spaces to give the plants plenty of room to grow big and strong.
  • Then we each planted one little seed potato in the beds.
  • Finally we covered them over carefully.
  • We will water them and watch them grow.