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P.3/4 Miss McGurk


Congratulations to all the boys and girls in Primary four who received the sacrament of First Holy Communion on Saturday 16th May in the Holy Rosary Church. We celebrated this very special day with our families, teachers and Father Kelly.


Our First Penance Service

Primary Four had a very special celebration in the Holy Rosary Chapel on Thursday 12th March. We received the Sacrament of Penance.

Along with our families and teachers we received the Sacrament from Father Kelly and Father Downey. We really enjoyed our special night.

First Penance 2015

A very important date for the Primary 4's our class is Thursday 12th March. As we will be receiving the Sacrament of First Penance. Our First Penance Service will be held in the Holy Rosary Chapel at 6pm.

As part of our healthy eating topic in Primary 3 we lead an assembly on Friday 16th January. We learned all about a balanced diet and the five food groups. We really enjoyed performing our healthy eating rap for everyone.
Primary Three had their advent assembly on Friday 28th November. This will help us to prepare for the birth of Jesus at Christmas.
Primary 3 and 4 enjoyed a trip to Draperstown Library on Friday 21st November. We loved having a look around the new library and Elizabeth the librarian read us some lovely Christmas stories. We had the opportunity to read some books and to use our library cards to borrow them, we look forward to exchanging our books on our next visit.
Primary 3 and 4 had lots of fun making chocolate apples for hallowe'en. We melted the cooking chocolate, covered our apples with the chocolate and decorated them with sprinkles. They were delicious!

P.3/4 Curriculum: Parent Information

Primary 3 and 4 are working hard at their hurling and camogie skills with coach Colm. We really enjoy our coaching sessions every Monday afternoon.


P.3 Homework


P3 are completing the P3 Jolly Grammar Spelling Lists.

We are starting with Unit 1 and will complete only one unit per week.


Children should also complete:


Monday: five sentences using any five words from the spelling list

Tuesday: Basic Skills – one page

Wednesday: five more sentences using the remaining five words from the spelling list

Thursday: Basic Skills – second page



Maths homework will be recorded in their homework diary and will include written work from the mental arithmetic workbook and something to learn from their Need to Know books.


Other on-going activities include revision of number stories


Other on-going activities include learning of number stories


P.4 Homework


Monday- A page from the Spelling work book and spelling sentences.

Tuesday - A Page from the Spelling work book and spelling sentences.

Wednesday- A grammar and comprehension activity from Junior English.

Thurday- A grammar and comprehension activity from Junior English.


Maths homework will be a section from the mental arithmetic workbook alongside metal maths from the 'Need To Know Book'


Reading and Spellings Nightly.