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St. Mary's P.S. Draperstown

“Learning, Caring and Sharing Together”

P.1 Miss McWilliams


Monday - Thursday 

Literacy Activity two nights

Numeracy Activity two nights

Phonics/Spelling every night



Books will be sent home for shared reading in the third term as pupils display reading readiness


Other on-going activities include:

  • Phonics homework, reinforcing blends
  • Letter formation
  • Word identification (tricky words)



We have been learning all about the Optician this term. We have enjoyed role-playing being at the Opticians during play-time. We all went on a visit to Carmel McGuigan's Opticians and learned lots of interesting things about her job. We loved getting to try on different glasses.  

Our class received a very exciting delivery in March! We received a tub of Caterpillar lore. We are observing it every day and finding it really exciting to watch our caterpillars grow.

We were so excited when our Caterpillars hatched out of their Cocoons and we had 5 beautiful Butterflies!

All the children in Primary 1 and Primary 2, gathered in the yard to release our Butterflies into our Butterfly Garden. We waved goodbye to our Butterfly friends.

We had lots of fun learning the lifecycle of the Butterfly in lots of different ways. We did lots of art and made a beautiful display for our classroom. We also worked on making our own lifecycle diagrams and made a butterfly lifecycle that we could eat. This was a great topic and we all really enjoyed it!