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St. Mary's P.S. Draperstown

“Learning, Caring and Sharing Together”

P.2/3 Mrs Devlin

Useful Powerpoints

P2/3 Curriculum information

P.2/3 Curriculum: Parent Information



Homework pack containing:

  • Letter of explanation for parents
  • Literacy and numeracy based activity sheets
  • Sentence book
  • Four reading books per week
  • Identification of 60 tricky words


Word powerpoints are copied to children's personal memory pens brought in by the children for practicing at home


Occasionally additional practical Literacy or numeracy activities are included



P3 are completing the P3 Jolly Grammar Spelling Lists.

We are starting with Unit 1 and will complete only one unit per week.


Children should also complete:


Monday: five sentences using any five words from the spelling list

Tuesday: Basic Skills – one page

Wednesday: five more sentences using the remaining five words from the spelling list

Thursday: Basic Skills – second page



Maths homework will be recorded in their homework diary and will include written work and something to learn from their Need to Know books.


Other on-going activities include revision of number stories



We all helped to make up a 'Once upon a time' story.

Our story has a funny ending.

The Lonely King

Primary 2 make timelines.

Our timelines are very short because we are very young.

Primary 3 found out about natural and built features in the World Around Us.

We went out into the school garden to look at plants.

Our teacher told us to dig up a weed.

We searched for weeds among the good plants and dug them up and put them into a plastic cup.

We made sure to get the roots of the weeds aswell.

We brought them back to the classroom to have a good look at them.

Then we drew them and labelled them.

P2and P3 had a lot of yucky fun at Hallowe'en!

Term 2 World Around Us Topic - Birds

    Busy, busy, busy!