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St. Mary's P.S. Draperstown

“Learning, Caring and Sharing Together”

P.7 Mr Brunton

Líofa Badge


To be awarded your Líofa badge you must be able to answer 6 of these 8 questions:


1 Dia duit?


2 Cad é an t-ainm atá ort?       Is mise ...


3 Cén aois thú?           Tá mé bliain deag.


4 Déan cuir síos ort féin.          Is cailín/buachaill mé, tá mé beag/mór, tá súile gorma agam, tá gruaig fhionn orm, tá mé cainteach.....


5 Cá bhfuil tú i do chónaí?


6 Cá mhéid dearthair atá agat?         Beirt, triúir….


7 Cá mhéid deirfiúr atá agat?


8 An bhfuil peata agat?       Tá cat/madadh agam. Ba mhaith liom cat/níor mhaith liom peata......

Welcome to Year 7!!!



  Reading Records need to be maintained with an adult hearing reading a minimum of three times a week.


Monday - Thursday: On-going spellings skills/tables

                                  Miscellaneous Numeracy Facts and Rules

                                    Written Literacy Activity

                                    Written Numeracy Activity


Thursday:Revision of spellings and "Need To Know" Numeracy facts for Friday Assessment    


Other on-going activities include:

  • Reading and responding to novels
  • ICT based research/re-drafting/word processing
  • Sourcing information from the media on current affairs
  • Planning and preparation for presentations and class assemblies      




The homework is written on the board every day. All pupils have a Homework Notebook and are expected to copy the homework into this. Parents are asked to check and sign that the work is completed.

This notebook can also be used as a Home/School journal, if parents wish to write notes to the teacher.


Investigating Nets of 3D Shapes!!

Clay Models of Ourselves!!

Visit to Bank of Ireland, Draperstown

Useful Websites                                                                



MySchool can be accessed at home via:    

This allows children to use features such as Newsdesk and Fronter                                         



Year 7 Curriculum Information