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St. Mary's P.S. Draperstown

“Learning, Caring and Sharing Together”

P.5 Mrs Barton


Monday – Thursday : On-going spellings skills and tables 


Monday:       Mental Arithmetic

                      Comprehension Act Reading

                      Written/learning Numeracy



Tuesday:      Mental Arithmetic

                      Grammar Activity

                      Written/learning Numeracy activity



Wednesday: Mental Arithmetic


                      Written Spelling Homework



Thursday:   Reading

                    Written Literacy Homework Developing Skills

                          Tables and spellings for Friday Assessment


*Reading is based on group work i.e. each group will be allocated 4 reading homeworks over the course of a week


Other on-going activities include:

  • Preparation for class assemblies and presentations
  • Researching ‘World Around  Us’ Topics
  • ICT word processing /researc


In Primary 5 we have been learning about 3D shapes.  We have been learning to use the terms faces, edges and vertices to describe the  

properties of 3d shapes.  We then progressed to construct nets of 3d Shapes.

We have been using our new school  i pads to complete work on animation using Puppet Pals. This is a great app for the pupils  to use as it incorporates the skills required to show they can use Animation Software to attain a Level 3 in the CCEA Cross Curricular Skills.

In Primary Five this term we have been Learning about the Water Cycle.  Look at our lovely display we have made to explain this process. During Lent we have also learnt that not everyone has access to clean water.  We have raised money for Trocaire to help these people. 

If you have time log onto my 'My School'  at home and have a look at our Healthy Habits room.  In there you can enjoy some of the acrostic poems and posters we have made about Healthy Living.